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More about Us

EDUcircuits, LLC was founded to provide a path for primary and secondary schools who do not have access to traditional charitable fundraising to meet the needs of their students.  Traditional models of fundraising typically rely on parent groups to raise donations within their own school communities but the parents of children in Schools of Need often lack these resources putting their students at even greater disadvantage.

EDUcircuits provides an avenue for Schools of Need to tell their stories to wider Communities of Giving to engage, educate and inspire these communities to make a difference in student lives.  

EDUcircuits, LLC is not an expert in educational models, the challenges faced by these underserved communities or effective investment strategies to mitigate these difficult realities.  We attempt to amplify the voices of Schools of Need and to provide a safe and convenient way for Communities of Giving to donate through the use of established 3rd party technology. 


Questions about Oakmont Education can be found here; The Oak Foundation here and our own data privacy policy here

EDUcircuits, LLC is a not for profit entity and relies upon a Community Of Volunteers and Activist who donate their professional experience and expertise to connect these Communities together to improve the outcomes for these students. Volunteer here to join us.

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