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High School Friends


Learn how we are engaging our schools and communities to make a difference!


Connecting students of privilege with students of need has always been a passion.  With our new program, students from St. Andrews Episcopal School in Austin, Texas are partnering with Marshall students to lend support and resources to help make their high school experience more fulfilling.   


Marshall High School and EDUcircuits are embarking on an inspiring
collaboration to bridge the gap between schools of privilege and
those with fewer resources. Their not-for-profit initiative aims to
facilitate connections between students from diverse backgrounds
through the StudentsX2 pilot program.
Annika Rathouz, along with her peers from St. Andrew’s Episcopal
School in Austin, Texas, joins hands with students from Marshall to
kickstart this transformative journey. Together, they will collaborate
on meaningful projects, starting with the development of a school
newsletter. This newsletter serves not only to foster community within
Marshall but also to showcase the school’s achievements to external
However, their aspirations extend beyond this initial project. The
ultimate goal is to continue finding avenues for students and
advocates to positively impact the lives of all students, both at
Marshall and St. Andrew’s. 

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